Everyone is here for freedom.

The American Creed is the brotherhood that all Americans are a part of. America is a national family of freedom. America provides us with rights and freedoms. We the people should defend and speak out as one voice to create more freedoms in other places such as third world countries. We are one unit in defending and promoting the Constitution. The American Creed is almost like a religion. We take a religious oath to defend the nation by becoming a citizen. If the American Creed is a religion, what do we do? Active and past military members stood and stand up for the citizens' freedoms. People can attend programs such as Memorial Day and Veterans Day programs for those who stood and are standing up for our country to protect us. Americans can also go to parades promoting our country and freedom such as a 4th of July parade. Become an active member in the community and help provide more and more freedoms to people who may not be able to afford such things like property. Participate in rallies to provide for equal freedoms and express the rights given to us. Being an active, social member as an American shows you have national pride and care for the country and its basic fundamentals. We are all here in the USA for freedom, so express the rights and freedoms given to you and show you care by honoring those who protect those freedoms and rights for you. How does America show that it is for freedom and we want all humans to have natural rights? I believe we have gotten the message of freedom and opportunity out to many people because we have so many immigrants. As one unit we the people spread that news and created more pathways and freedoms for generations to come and actively participate in our country. Together as a nation, we are strong and continue to grow. I believe publicly defending and promoting the US's fundamental values and also showing the respect deserved to millions of past military personnel shows the true American Creed. 




Niagara High School Mr. Laarman's U.S. History Class

11th graders from Niagara, WI

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