My family and the American creed

When my great grandparents came to America, they were poor and left because of what they dealt with in Sweden. They moved to Wisconsin and started a homestead. My great grandparents were able to get a chunk of land for five dollars if they worked it for a certain number of years. They became citizens and were able to get this land and plant their roots. They escaped from their country to be a part of the American dream. They worked hard and made a life for themselves and became Americans because of their dreams. They believed that the United States was a great place to continue their dreams and to grow. It would be a great place to raise a family and to better themselves. My great grandparents supported their community by participating in the school systems and helping out with whatever needed to be done. They taught my grandma how to respect and support others around her and to support their community and to love the country. My grandma and grandpa continued to support and teach their six children while running their own dairy company. They taught their kids to again respect country, love God, and love others. Now the farm is not running, however still in our family. We all are so thankful that our great relatives decided to move to this country so that we have the opportunities that we do. We continue to teach each other about supporting this great nation and helping by any means necessary by protecting the rights of others, treating everyone equal, and supporting the great American flag. In the past, there were many instances where different ethnic groups were being pushed and oppressed. Some of them continue to be. However, America is built on amalgamation, the blending of different groups and accepting immigrants to grow our country. today we should continue to understand what this country is built on and who helped. We should protect all rights of every last person and to accept everyone for who they are. We were taught to love and appreciate God's creation and to protect it. I believe in the American creed and everyone should have access to the greatest country on this planet.




Niagara High School Mr. Laarman's U.S. History Class

11th graders from Niagara, WI

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