My project represents how my Hispanic ethnicity from my parents influences myself as an American and my story of who I am.

My American Creed is displayed by the three flags, the colour choice of back ground and music, with myself being in the middle, which displays my story. The three flags displayed are the Puerto Rican flag, the Ecuadorian flag, and the USA flag. The two flags on the side outlines my ethnicity and how I come from a Hispanic background, and how I am also very proud of that, I embrace it in my everyday life. I've decided to give the shading of the flags a warmer feel because it makes me happy to think of my roots. I put the American flag in the middle because I was born in the US and I grew up there my entire life and I've been influenced by American culture so much, from my beliefs to my friendships. I put music notes on both sides flags because my family has a huge history of music in their lives, and that has also influenced me to being both a singer and a violinist. I choose my background to be pink, purple, and blue because American culture has influenced my beliefs on LGBT considering my family never really had any of that representation in their family. American has influenced me to proudly be a part of the community and has helped me embrace it. 

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