As we have wrapped up our unit on the American Creed, we wrote an expository essay in which we wrote what the American Creed means to us personally. I wrote that the American Creed encompasses our past, the present, and the future, as well as everything America was meant to be.

To me, the American Creed is many things; some are values America has, and others are values America hopes to obtain. With the American Creed, we as Americans can celebrate our freedom, support our country, and work towards creating equal opportunities for all.

Once, the freedom of the American people was only a dream, and now freedom is our standard. Our founding fathers fought for a sovereign nation, independent from Britain. After a seven-year fight for freedom, the U.S. gained its independence. A few years later, our constitution was signed, granting the American citizens the right of speech, the freedom to practice your own religion, and all the other privileges written in the Bill of Rights and in the constitution as amendments.

While these freedoms are now available to everyone, they once were not, and there is still prejudice towards those who it once didn’t apply to. During the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln and the Union fought for the freedom of the African-American slaves. Now, the African-American people are discriminated against and while not said, they don’t have equal opportunities to jobs and education. Women also are not on an equal level as men and therefore paid less. It is our job as Americans to fight for the equality of the discriminated. Equality is the path to a brighter future and a better America.

Our support and loyalty to America are essential to maintain our freedoms and achieve equality. “America, the land that has never been yet” (Langston, 1936) is a quote from a very popular poem. America needs our loyalty and commitment so it can be the land that we want it to be.

America has many things to be proud of, and many things to work on. The American Creed is what we want America to be, and I will stay loyal as long as America works to fulfill the creed.




New Tech High at Coppell Critical Literacies 2017-2018

This is the freshman level blended class of English I taught by Mrs. Bence and Digital Media taught by Mrs. Kat Saucier. We hope you enjoy our learners' multi-modal compositions responding to the various invitations to create.

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