What it means to be an American to me.

Behind each person, there's a different meaning to what it means to be an American. To be an American means that you will take advantages of all the opportunities you get in America. Freedom comes along with it, but so does great responsibility. America is full of immigrants , and all of those immigrants came to America for a better life. They will take in all the opportunities they receive.

First of all, all Americans have a voice, we have the right to have an opinion about the world.We have a voice for a reason, the U.S government has given us that right in the fist amendment.It gives all the Americans the freedom of speech. No matter where they came from, there race, there believes, or gender , as long as they are here in america for a better life, we should consider them true Americans.

Secondly, something really ironic about America is the education level we have here. Every American has a shot at a good education, that education later helps them with future jobs they desire of. People want to learn, people want a better future for themselves and the next generation that comes after them. A real american will take all the scholarship opportunities they get in life just to feel proud of themselves for making a good choice in life.

Lastly, a real life crisis related to this , is people having hate towards illegal people, and other races other than white . Racism is a very hateful movement, and no human being should be treated with so much hateful negativity. The United States ended slavery, but racism is still found towards races other than white. People should remind themselves america wouldn't be america without immigrants. People shouldn't just care about themselves, we all have different beliefs but we still human and chose out life paths for our future. Immigrants don’t come to america to ruin it, but to make their lives better.

In conclusion, an American is all as explained. Never doubt a person, because of their race, they don’t want to be judged for what they look like, but how they are in general. America is a country were any immigrant that comes with a dream is able to earn a better life for themselves.




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