How even though America is divided, we are able to unite under one cause.

America is a divided country. We are divided politically, racially, and socially. People are separated into different political parties based on their beliefs. People are also separated due to an immoral racial prejudice that has been seen in America since its birth. Even in a place as small as a high school, we can see the social, racial, and political divisions. There are even clubs dedicated to opposite political parties. In a predominantly white school I see the racial divide first hand. White students make racist remarks regarding students of different ethnicities because this racial divide is something that these racist students do not want to decrease. America may be divided, but we are also a unified country with a bond that cannot be broken. The American people can come together as a family to support and promote the American Creed. In country where we are so divided that there are riots and fights over basic human rights of African Americans and members of the LGBTQ communities, Americans can still come together under one flag and pledge allegiance to one country. The American Creed acts as a symbol for what we need America to be. We need it to be a place of equality, justice, freedom, and humanity under a government that is led by the people and is for the people. This Creed allows people who have different opinions on issues to come together. It states what we all want for America's future. It is a manifestation of the American dream. The hopes and dreams for America that are described in the American Creed are seen every single time we look at the American flag. This piece of fabric flying in the wind is one of the many things that every American can look at and respect. When this flag is waving we think of everything that is described in the American Creed. We think about how America is a place that is filled with hope of a new life. Most importantly we think about the people that died fighting for this country. We think about how these men and women were willing to give up their lives in order to protect the dream described in the American Creed. Riddled with issues that divide us, the people of this great nation can unite. We can put aside our differences to honor those who have gave their lives, and to acknowledge what this country stands for. That is the true beauty of America and the American people.




Emerald Coast National Writing Project Gulf Breeze High School

Mrs. Parker's American History Class

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