I wrote about the impact of the American Creed on ideologies about America and what values every American has. The essay also includes how to perfect the American standard

America was founded for the principal reason of freedom. This included freedom of religion and freedom to govern in a representative way. This led to a huge influx in immigration as many people from all over the world. America was founded on the major beliefs that everyone is equal, has certain rights and representative government is the most effective way to govern. These inclusive values have led to a majority of all Americans being able to trace their history to immigration at one point or another.

This unique situation that America has, with such a wide variety of cultures and beliefs, results in many divided points of view. Despite these disagreements, all Americans stand behind the core values of the American Creed. The beliefs that the government is for the people and by the people, power is given by those governed and that the nation is inseparable are all outlined in the American Creed. I believe that these are the most fundamental values that any nation or other smaller organization can abide by. It is important to recognize how there are many people that are involved in the social contract that is the American government. It is necessary to make sacrifices to preserve the unity of the entire nation and allow it to prosper.

The words written by William Tyler Page in 1917 are more relevant than ever in today’s society. Due to the differing opinions throughout America, it is important to remember the importance of America, as illustrated in the American Creed. It is important to recognize that the government was created for the only purpose of serving the people in that it would elect others who shared their beliefs and would help improve the quality of life of those who are governed. It is also important to give back to the country that has done so much for everyone. As shown in the American Creed, the easiest way to give back to the country as a whole is to “obey its laws; to respect its flag and to defend it against all enemies.” The large difference in cultures and beliefs does lead to disagreements on the values and what is right to do for the prosperity of the nation. Now, issues have become more split that ever before and many believe that the values of the nation are changing. The best way to better achieve the vison that is shown in the American Creed, is to see past the difference and work together towards the prosperity of the nation as a whole. By working together, it is possible for so many things to be done and the vison that the American Creed illustrates can be reached.

America is a land of many people, with the significant difference in beliefs, sometime it is difficult to decide what is best for the country. By following the core values of the American Creed, the vision of America can be significantly improved. The belief that America is for the people and by the people in the form of government strongly reflects the democratic republic that the American government is set up to be. By working together as Americans it is possible for the true potential of America to be achieved. 




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