“My American Creed” is about what it means to me to be an American and two core values I live by. I wrote about the opportunities in America and that my two core values are equality and individualism.

Instead of interviewing someone else, I decided to write about myself. When I was 6 months old I lived in Vietnam. I was adopted by my two wonderful dads and they brought me to America. Without them, I would not have the opportunity to flourish in America as a teenager and have a future in this country. To live in America to me means I can live a free life with endless opportunities. Without these opportunities, I might not be able to live a prosperous life in this country or any country. I have opportunities with my education, my occupation, and my ability to love anyone freely. There are many core values that many Americans live by, such as justice, liberty, and security. Two core values that I decided to write about that I value are equality and individualism.

Living in America to me means I have opportunities that other people in other parts of the world do not. Immigrants from all over the world flocked to America to start a new life and create something better for themselves. Even now many people from all over the world come to America for all the opportunities. If I still lived in Vietnam I would not have the same opportunities that I do now and my life would be completely different. I have more opportunities now with my education and my occupation. I have so many options now with my education and I can major in so many different things. Other countries do not have this opportunity and they also do not have as many advanced occupational opportunities. This country has a wide variety of jobs and many of them are special to our country. Many countries don’t have doctors, or politicians. The opportunities in America are endless and that is what I believe it is to me to live in America.

My core values I decided to pick are special to me because by living through them helps me be who I am. Equality to me is giving everyone the same chance to be successful and have the same rights no matter age, race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. Equality is important to me because I believe in equality for everyone. In my family, we cherish equality because my parents were married in Massachusetts before it was legal in the nation. Now that it is, it makes me happy that one day when I want to get married I won’t have to fight for it as hard as the people who fought for it in 2016. Equality for same-sex marriage is important, but it is also important for racial disputes like the “Black Lives Matter” Movement and gender disputes like women’s rights as well because everyone in our nation deserves to feel equal in every way. My next core value that I live by is individualism. 

 Individualism is important to me because in this country you can be whoever you want. Whether it be your style, your love life, or your gender label. This country allows so much freedom in all aspects of the word. To me individuality is important because I love being myself and like no one else. For instance, I consider myself to have great style and I know there are plenty of other Americans who believe they have great style and they love showing off. In other countries many people cannot really express themselves because they might not feel comfortable enough or they are told not to. Another instance where I live out my individualism is through who I like. In this country we are free to love who we want without any consequences. Other countries it can be frowned upon or some people also might not be comfortable enough to come out about it. I am excited for my future and all the chance I can have to fall in love with whoever it may be. These two core values help me live a fun life and helps me look forward to the future.




Emerald Coast National Writing Project Gulf Breeze High School

Mrs. Parker's American History Class

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