My grandparents made a great journey to the U.S. to better their lives.

For my American Creed Project I interviewed my grandma about her grandparents who migrated from Canada and England to the United States. They would be related to me as my great grandparents. Before the interview I searched reasons why people would decide to migrate to the United States. I also decided to research background information of what economic issues were going on in Canada and England during the 18-1900’s. I think learning some background info specifically about her grandparents is useful for trying to figure out what type of person they were.

There are many reasons why people migrate to the U.S., here are just a few based on info I researched online. One reason is education, education was good and important in the U.S. during the time period. The main reason for people to emigrate is for a better life or so called the American Dream. Some other basic reasons would be a soulmate, job opportunities, political reasons, high standard living, and last but not least a financially secured future.

I researched many reasons for English Immigration from the 1800’s-1900’s. There was political and religious persecution taking place in England. The main reason for immigration from England was a new life. Other basic reasons were economic opportunities in the U.S. and obtaining profit from land. The two main reasons for immigration from canada to the U.S. was for war and the purchase of land.

My grandmothers grandparents were just like everyone else in the 18-1900’s. They unfortunately died before I and my grandmother were born. We obtained info from books that one of our ancestors put together for the family. My great grandma migrated from England in 1906 while my great grandpa came from Canada. My great grandma had a total of 3 kids, she was an amazing pianist and a homemaker. My great Grandpa had 5 kids from his 1st marriage and another 3 in his 2nd marriage. My great grandfather was age 63 when he asked my great grandmother to marry him which she was only 35 years old in his 2nd marriage. He was a self taught man, he only had a 2nd grade education and when he immigrated to the U.S at age 21 he managed to become a road commissioner. When they both made it to the United States, their main money making job was farming. They raised lambs, horses, dairy cows, 40 sheep and potatoes. They stocked store shelves in town with their milk, potatoes and beef.

The real main reason my great grandparents decided to immigrate to the United States was for farm land. My great grandfather bought his first 180 acres of land for only 4 dollars. There was a complication my great grandmother faced when trying to migrate and that was the war going on during the time. My great grandfather had none. Life was different for the both of them, they finally had land for farming and had a steady financial income. They got the opportunity to live the American Dream that was fantasized during that time period.

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