American dream, for people to be able to succeed if they work hard enough.

The American creed is freedom, equality for everyone, an opportunity to succeed. People believe that the American dream is that you can achieve whatever you want to achieve, if you work hard enough you’ll make it.

Some people believe that the American dream is a lie , they believe that not everyone has the opportunity to succeed. In the article “Less than 20% of Americans say they’re not living the American dream” from CNBC, it declares “Fewer than one in five Americans feel like they’re living the American Dream…” “Millennials faced one of the worst recessions in American history, which made it tough to find jobs, especially as older generations delayed retirement,” he says. “They also have to deal with soaring student loan debt and stagnant wages.” “On the housing price side,” he says…” “All of these factors combine to make a down payment on a home unaffordable for many millennials.” To sum up, this pretty much says how due to student loan debt and wages that don't pay enough or that they have hard times finding jobs, which makes it hard for them to own houses. For some people it’s difficult to live the “American dream” when they barely have enough money for their bills, just enough to survive. To add on, in an article from Forbes named “77% of Americans don't believe the iconic rags to riches American Dream” it says “When asked if they thought it was common or somewhat common for someone to start poor, work hard, and become rich, only 23% of people did.” So this obviously brings people’s hopes down and makes them think that working hard isn’t going to get them anywhere, so they just settle for less.

Other people believe that the American Dream is real, that there is a high chance for them to be able to live out that dream. According to an article from Pew Research, “most say American dream is within reach for them” there is about one in five (so about 17%) of families that said the American dream is out of their reach, most said that they either have achieved it already or are on their way to achieve it. In the Washington post “Americans share these 7 beliefs” one of them says “you are rewarded for your hard work”, which also connects with Dierdre Prevett’s film where she says “You can be who you want to be if you work hard enough”. On top with this there is Condoleeza Rice is an example of this, she came from a family that were African American slaves and even with that history she was able to become successful. This shows how even if you have a rough past you can still overcome the rough parts in life and make everything better for yourself and your family. This is more of a positive way to see things and to prove people that the American dream is real.

I personally believe that there is a lot that can affect the way someone’s so called “American dream” goes, but I do believe that you can get a much better future in America than in other countries. Everyone’s American dream is different though, to some people the American dream could be a lot simpler, not to be rich or have a mansion, but just have a decent life, there are a lot of different perspectives. People do have a lot of opportunities here, a lot of help, but there also could be a lot of struggles when it comes to money. Sometimes the people can have opportunities but they struggle with money, so I can see why it could be a lot harder for some people to achieve their American dream. I see and understand everyone’s point of views and beliefs, but for me, I do believe my dream could be achieved with hard work , I have the opportunity, I have the privilege of education, it’s what keeps me going everyday.




UCLA CS English

10th Grade American Creed Argument

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