We started building communities where people feel comfortable and are able to be themselves without being judged by their ethnicity, history or background.

 Each one of us has a past which shapes us to our present and future Selves. Our past does not only include what happened throughout our life, it also includes our ancestors and where we come from. In the end those experiences, memories and values we’ve gathered throughout time have become one with us and have created our unique personality different from others. We started building communities where people feel comfortable and are able to be themselves without being judged by their ethnicity, history or background. My American creed is community, bringing people together from all around the world, doesn't matter from where they came from, their ethnicity, history , language, or ancestors, none of that matters and that's how it should be.

Even though we have created communities that doesn't mean that people are being treated with respect. But maybe we should start thinking about how we got to the point where we started to judge people? Let’s have a look should we, in “ National identity is made up” from New York times talk about how national identity came from the modern age which had four big changes which lead people to see their country as an extension of themselves. But with new identity and with authority it brought changes to the world which of course changed the way we think. This implied how our society came to be with so many changes that led to destroying reality, making us think what they want us to think. And in the end it made an impact on society which caused people to be judged and feel uconformable because they didn’t fit the standard.

But throughout time we were able to change society and now American is home to different diversity. The source “American creed community conversations-American Dream” on PBS had groups of citizens talked about what American dreams mean to them. Robert Curry, founding president of Hazleton integration projects said “building a community where they foster trust and respect among all ethnicity in the religion”. This shows how we are building a community where people are not going to be judged by their skin color or the language they speak. The whole reason why people immigrated or came to the American because they saw it as the land of the free where people are treated equality and make you feel like you belong.

There is this quote from Zig Ziglar that says “Building a better you is the first step of building a better America”. This quote means that our actions as human beings will affect the future of America and in order to bring out the best of America we have to bring out the best of ourselves first. This quote matters because in America there isn’t only one person there millions of people who contribute to making America better than before. In some ways we all depend on each other and the actions of one person may affect everyone else. So if each one of us put our part of bringing out the best of ourselves then we will also be bringing out the best of America.

In the end our past does not define who we are, what defines us is our personality and how we decide to treat others. We learn not to judge people based on their language, history, skin color or ethnicity. Which leads us to build communities to show that everyone is equal and to strengthen our relationships with others. We are taking steps into building more communities where everyone feels treated with respect and comfort. People from all around the world come to American to live with equality and to not be judged.




UCLA CS English

10th Grade American Creed Argument

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