"We call these kids, many of whom are now adults,’“Dreamers’ because they are chasing the American Dream."

My family's American creed is to never forget about home but to have education as our priority. To have better success, they came to the U.S to give us everything, even if they didn't have anything in the beginning when they came from a village where the only jobs were to harvest your own land, to harvest in someone else's land, to make Huaraches (sandals), or to make bread; those were the jobs that most people had to survive. But for my parents to have it all is for us to continue with education to live their American Dream; they have big successes, one of them is my sister getting her college degree. As my parents have said, “We have been living the American dream through you guys.” And that has made me clearly understand that education is important and the most valuable thing.

The most significant line in the American Creed film is when Eric Liu reflects on what “it would have been like to be born in any other place" because being born in another place can be different sometimes you might struggle more than what your parents struggled from being in their home land; for example, education wise and economically. In America we get different opportunities when it comes to education. We get to go to college. That's why it's significant; it makes us realize that we are lucky to be born in America. We can say that in America there are more opportunities. Eric Liu’s credibility is his own life experience because his parents were living in a timeline that the second world war and the Japanese war were going on so his parents moved so he was able to grow up in the United States to get a good education. He lived through it, so he has been able to work for the government and he now teaches people citizenship.

People tell stories about the past to other generations that are barely experiencing life: "Griffith knows that this was an opportunity of a lifetime and she is very grateful to those that have helped her along the way. Her professors in the communication department, along with her writing tutor in TLC were a big help by being so accommodating." Griffith took advantage of her education and eventually became a person who was involved in her society and the things around her. As Griffith had a Challenging beginning in life she made sure to overcome the hard moments in life. Nothing stopped her, that's why she got the opportunities she experienced. Some of her opportunities were that she got to talk with kids about similar life problems she had growing up and she got to be part of a documentary based on her life’s past events.

Many kids don't have the opportunities to have a good life and to be in a stable environment and some are not stable economically, so that's why they have to leave their homes and have to work and study at the same time: "We call these kids, many of whom are now adults,’“Dreamers’ because they are chasing the American Dream – a national aspiration for upward economic mobility built on physical mobility. Fulfilling your dreams often means following them wherever they may lead – even into another country." Some students don't have the resources they need back home and they would do anything to get an education no matter the circumstances. Some even have to work and study because they have to help family, but In California or particularly in the United States they can focus on their education and become someone great. They learn how to value education. To add on, they have to leave their homes, a place that was very important, but they had to move to have a good education and a good life. A lot of people might have not taken the chance because they have to help at home with the economic state they are in. There can always be things that will be in the way, family problems can be that they don't have enough money. That's why students follow the American dream but some let it pass in front of their noses. A lot of people can be against it, but we can say that’s according the ones that do not have a better outcome in education or anything else they have to be in life.

In this society there are a lot of different opinions; some might think education comes and goes or some think education can be found in any other place. Education is important in the United States because Americans have the opportunity to go to college and to get financial aid. They can get better help and become someone better. As mentioned, they came for the American dream and education helps them accomplish what they want. Some families' greatest value is education. Some families have to sacrifice their work or anything that is in the way in order for their children to succeed or to get a better living. Children have different opportunities to have programs and talk to others about what will be best for them depending on what they want to pursue on their education.




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