My poem is about American creed; referencing the battle of Gettysburg and the national anthem, concluding to everyone's belief being derived from our shared values in society

Unless it's raining,

You are hung every morning.

When the sky paints a soft peach and tangerine

And the first frost begins to melt into dew.

There, you have begun waving at every American

Whether they've noticed you in the sky

Or realized the truth behind your red, white and blue

I know about your history;

That brought our fighting solders and founding fathers

On a journey of bloodbath and victory.

That in the final moments,

Though the wind was boisterous

And our sky condescending,

John Smith exhaled the creation of our country's anthem.

Although we all celebrate this mark in history

Many have questioned their faith in today's society.

For we are a diverse people, all imperfect

And striving with different game plans.

Yet, your red, white and blue

Is what we all want to ring true.

For that reason, we still choose to protect you

Even when it's raining,

Just as our ancestors had before the battle reached its ending




Burke High School Poetry Study

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