This is my American Creed; this is about the way others lives are compared to mine. Along with what people should treasure with what is given to them.

What is your American Creed?

The American Creed is from what I, along with what I have learned from others about how it has not fully lived up to its ideals for everyone. I grew up with being taught about certain things. I’ve had access to education because both my mom and nana could afford it for me. But everyone has a different life style compared to others. For example, my American Creed is based on my life style and what I grew to be taught about. For me, my American Creed is that everyone should have the access to education and value knowlegde. I found how not everyone could afford to have education because it was either, they couldn’t afford it or they lived in poverty. That is one of the many important things about my American Creed; being able to have education and even though there are some programs for people to have an education, many people still don’t have the right tools.

Everyone should accept other cultures and traditions without discrimination and judgement. I live in a place where immigration is a huge problem and one of the many main reasons as to why the immigrants might be here in the U.S. illegaly is because they want to escape something horrible in the countries they are coming from.  I have seen too many instances on the news when people are being racist towards people of other races.  This is an issue yet society states how the American Dream is where anyone is welcome and be who you are. In addition to accepting other cultures and traditions, where I come from, you have to work hard in order to get what you want in you future. I see immigrant families work hard everyday.

 To top things off, it’s pretty ironic how  adults “dismiss teenagers, assuming that they’re shallow, apathetic or uninformed.”(What Does America Stand For? We Asked Teenagers; North). Except adults don’t know that we care “passionately about education, foreign policy, racial justice and more.”(What Does America Stand For? We Asked Teenagers; North). But here we are having our opinions and feelings being represented to the world. The last thing in my American Creed to for every adult to listen to kids because we know more than what they think we do not know.

The last thing that makes up my American Creed is showing others compassion. I believe this is a strong suit for everyone in the world, not just America. Showing others compassion can hep someone’s day and showing them that they matter in this world. To help others, even if it is a small simple task. To help make sure that special someone doesn’t have to suffer from their or others mistakes. To just be a helping hand, it will mean a lot to them. This is what my American Creed is for America. 




Avila's M4 Class

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