Americans should strive to succeed to improve their own lives and make a difference in their communities.

“Reclaiming our values starts with standing up for them at home- inclusivity, tolerance, diversity, respect for the rule of law, freedom of speech, freedom of the press. If these are the democratic principles we wish to see around the world, America must be the first to model them,” Joe Biden states according to The New York Times. What defines us? Many of our nation’s founding documents, such as The Bill of Rights and The Declaration of Independence, for instance, are embedded with the promise of America. As Americans, we are promised a vast amount of opportunities including justice, liberty, equality, and individualism. Knowing what America has to offer to its citizens gives people endless opportunities and allows them to make their own decisions in order to make a life for themselves. Everybody has a responsibility. We must persevere in our daily lives to contribute to our own lives, as well as our society.

My American Creed is shaped by my roots and background. My American Creed is to strive to succeed in our everyday lives to improve our own lives and our communities. To do so, success requires hard work and dedication. Numerous people from around the globe settle in the United States in hopes of discovering a home filled with opportunities and liberty. I believed that America was filled with opportunities upon travelling to live here. As a former seven year old immigrant from the Philippines, leaving behind everything that was familiar to me was a challenging adjustment. I was in a unfamiliar environment, surrounded by new cultures and people. Growing up in a country where poverty was common, I recognized the opportunities and luxuries that people in the United States have. Living in the United States has gradually taught me that perseverance and mindfulness are significant. Being raised in both the Philippines and the United States influenced me to overcome challenges, and be determined to succeed in my own goals in order to help those in need.

Not only do we have the duty to achieve our goals, but we have the duty to assist fellow Americans as well. “We're here to support and help one another because we're all from this great nation, and we all should be reaching for the same goal, which is making this place great for everyone that lives in it,” Latina Robinson declares according to The Washington Post. Distinguishing the struggles of other people and assisting them, is a part of succeeding in your own life, while contributing to your community. Hard work pays off. Americans must strive to make the United States a place where they have not only improved their own lives, but their fellow Americans as well. 




Avila's M4 Class

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