What My Op-Ed is about people's beliefs and how we can have the right to believe in what we want to believe in and how false information is told on the internet that creates stereotypes and makes people think differently.

 What does the American Creed means to me? The American creed is what people believe in and it American identity that was brought up by Thomas Jefferson. It involves many other to elaborate the American Creed by liberty ,equality, individualism, populism, and laissez faire. Everyone has different American creeds and beliefs that, that's the American creed is that they believe in and many see it differently , but that's the beauty about the American creed. There is no right answer because people of America have to right to believe in what they want to believe but many people are separated due to their different religion, political and personal beliefs. This makes America diverse but causes hatred between Americans.

  How this hatred evolves over time is due to political content and social network publishing false information about different groups in America. This false information is causing hate to the groups and causing America to become separated in race, beliefs, and political understanding.  This is causing nothing to become done in America and only causing people to focus on the groups to contain the problem in community. There is multiple solution to this problem and by solving these problems it will cause many people in the join together as one, and not be separated due to the false information that is given to people of the internet. This can also be stopped by many people if they would accept people for who they are but there. There are many people who believe different than me but that their American Creed but there is nothing wrong with that is all on how we are raised . On the other hand, my American Creed is that we should be allowed to believe in what we want to believe in without judgment by understanding each other and by trying a new thing that.




ASU Preparatory Academy McDowell: 4th hour

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