Being able to communicate with people you disagree with

 We have a large divide in the United States. In a political world where heartfelt topics are discussed there could be a lot of emotions involved. Democrats and Republicans have two completely different viewpoints on how the government should be run. One believes in a smaller government while the other believes in a bigger government. But, what would happen if a democrat and a republican sat down and had a civil conversation. A conversation where they can see both viewpoints with no judgement. Let’s make up a story of two people, opposites from each other.

Steve is a democrat. Went to college and has a successful career. He believes the government should take care of all of us. His points are free healthcare and college. Steve believes in open borders and that the rich should pay seventy to eighty percent of taxes if not more. Steve feels strongly that we should abolish the second amendment and ban all guns.

Henry is the opposite. He’s a republican, he did not go to college like steve did. He opened his own business and it’s successful as well. Henry’s viewpoints are opposite of Steve’s. Henry’s believes in a smaller government and lower taxes for all. Believes that making college and healthcare free will only lead the United States into bankruptcy. Henry feels the second amendment is the most important amendment because it gives us the right to protect ourselves.

Steve and Henry were asked to participate in their local church to talk about their political differences. They believed this would be a great opportunity to just communicate and understand the other person’s point of view. They discussed controversial topics. Topics close to heart. Obviously, they had many disagreements. However, they let each other speak. There was no interrupting. Both Steve and Henry talked freely about their viewpoints with no judging. There was no arguing just discussing.

This is very important. As a country we need to sit down a have a talk on our disagreements. The democratic and republican parties are not there to be against each other. They are there to discuss and debate. They are there to find a middle ground. It seems like both these parties have been dividing the country more and more as time passes on.

This conversation starts with you. 




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