In this passage you will read about how people can become whatever they want. You will also learn about religous freedom and the general freedoms and life of women and people of different races you will learn about what it mean to be a American to me

What is American creed to me?

To be an American is to have the freedom to be whatever you want to become. People from all over the world have traveled to the USA to pursue their dreams and to create a better environment for them and for their families. In this land of opportunity you can be whatever you can dream of. You can practice whatever religion you choose, you can get any job you want. This land is where no matter your race or your gender there will always be those who will lift you up and encourage you to do whatever it is you want in your life. America is the land of opportunity. For you, for me, and for anyone out there who is struggling. I am going to help explain, and walk you through what all of this means today.

A phrase that is used often in America is it doesn't matter where you come from, it only matters where you're going. No matter where you are from, who your family is or how much money you have, none of that matters because once you get to America everything changes and you can do whatever it is you chose. There will always be people who will try to drag you down and hurt your feelings, but there will also be people who will lift you up and help you, and encourage you to be the best version of yourself.

Living in America means you have the freedom to worship any religion you want or no religion at all. I'll bet if you gather 10 random people they won't all tell you they worship the same religion. That's the world we live in. People can live together in peace without worshipping the same religion. I'm grateful for this freedom because I can worship God and I am not cast aside. I am encouraged by my peers and by adults to continue doing this. Several hundred years ago, many people were persecuted for not worshipping the same religion. They were persecuted, meaning they were physically beaten, thrown into prison, and tortured just because they did not worship the same God or the same religion as the king or as certain countries and/or cities. So I am extremely grateful for the religious freedom I am given in this country.

Another key idea for people in America to remember is to make sure you are bringing where you're from to where you're going. When people come to America they are told that it doesn't matter where you're from but where you're going. Yes this is true it doesn't matter your background you can become whatever you want however you must not forget where you come from. Bringing your home, your culture, and all of these things to where you're going. Let's say you move from a forgien country to America you shouldn't leave everything you have ever known including your culture, your clothes or anything of that nature. When you move to America you should embrace these things. Where your clothing, practice your religion, and remember your culture.

   Bringing people together with different cultures. This idea is one of the most important. Bringing children of different backgrounds together and teaching them to accept people of different gender or race. When children learn this at a young age it helps to set them and others up for a healthy and successful life. Teaching your children to accept people for who they are is so important for the development of and the betterment of our country. For our country to be as successful as possible, people need to be taught at a young age that it doesn't matter where you come from, what your gender is, nothing like that matters. Everyone is able to help our country better itself. Everyone, no matter what, is important to the betterment of our country and to our world.

These reasons just prove the fact that people are can become and can be whoever or whatever they want. America is place where women and people of other races can lead businesses, they can start businesses, and they can keep our streets safe. Where they can keep your kids maybe if you have them your grandchildren, just your family and friends in general.  People who can help and serve our country. The equality and the freedom that people in this world can experience in America.

2nd Period

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