It is about how my community, family, and I help the community and how we help others and how I think we can help those who are in need.

So, I’m going to start out by saying I don’t just consider my family at home my only family. I consider my friends, teachers, coaches, and teammates my family also. I go to two schools, I go to Scott County High School, and Elkhorn Crossing School. And at both schools we do a lot for the community, helping others, raising awareness, and making it known that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Which is my American Creed.

At Scott County High School we do things like canned food drives, and we always gather enough canned food to cover our entire gymnasium. We also gather food for the Amen House. Another thing we do is in my choir, every year the seniors find a way to collect money for our teacher Mr. Merritt. His son has Down Syndrome, and at the end of the year they take all the money that was collected and give it to him. And at our last concert of the year they write the amount we collected on big cardboard check and give it to him at the end of the concert. We have clubs at my school, and I was a part of Youth Impact for two years. And we did stuff like pick up trash from the outside of the school, volunteer to clean up teachers' classrooms after school, we made flower vases for nursing homes, we made a poster for one of the schools that had a school shooting last school year, and we all signed it and put a lot of nice things on there, and then sent it to the school, we made these cards that had nice things written on them, and you could either give them to a stranger or a friend, and we just did a lot of positive things like that. I’ve also done Toys For Tots, and adopt a family for Christmas, where you adopt a family and you buy them Christmas presents, and you help families in need. And the fact that I get to be a part of all this is amazing, and that I get to give back to other people while I’m in school is so important to me.

At my vocational school, Elkhorn Crossing School we have to have service hours for each semester, so I get to do a bunch of community service. Last year I got to ring the bells for the Salvation Army, with my friends and we raised a lot of money for the Salvation Army. We also get to volunteer in things like 5ks, the Amen House, God’s Pantry, and basically anywhere we want to volunteer. And I love that I’m able to do that. And that I’m in an environment where it is possible for me to do these things. And being able to help others in need, and just to simply help anyone, and everyone, and that is my American Creed.




This is a class of mostly 11th grade U.S. History Students from Georgetown, KY.

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