I talked about the symbols that signify the American Creed. I only talked about three different symbols but one of the symbols are words. I mentioned those symbols because I could relate to them the most and I could connect it back to my own American Creed.

 There are many symbols that represent the American Creed. My symbols that represent the American Creed is the Statue of Liberty, National Anthem, U.S. Flag, and the Bald Eagle. I’ll speak about how my American Creed can relate to the symbols that express the American Creed which is going to a university and achieve my goals.

The first symbol I'm going to be talking about is the Statue of Liberty. The construction for the Statue of Liberty is September 1875. It was given to the U.S. from the French. The Statue of Liberty signified the friendship of the U.S. and France but now it signifies the U.S. itself. The light torch signifies enlightenments it also signified the way to freedom showing us the path to liberty. This represents the American Creed because the U.S. is a place to have your own future in your own way. You are free to do what you want. This expresses my American Creed because we have liberty to choose what we want to be in the future, I wouldn’t want no one to stop me from what I want to be.

The U.S flag is another symbol of the American Creed. The U.S. flag has three colors. The white stands for purity and innocence, the red means hardiness and valour and the blue means vigilance, perseverance and justice. All those to pertain to the American Creed because towards the end of the American Creed it says “established upon those principles of freedom, equality, justice, and humanity” The color of the flag signifies all those. This is a very creative way to show the American Creed because the flag is shown everywhere in the U.S. and that’s what is shown in schools and in public spaces. Some of the colors on the flag does relate to my American Creed because I want to overcome whatever comes along my path.

I want to talk about two words that symbolize the American Creed because those two words can be relatable to a lot of people. The words are “opportunity and drive.” The Washington Post interviewed about 100 people and 58 people talked about opportunity and drive. Those words relate more to my American Creed because achieving your goals can give you many opportunities. Someone said “We all have a shot at making the life we want and unites us.” I agree a lot with that quote because a lot of young adults want to drive for their opportunities that they are given.

There is a lot of symbols that represent the American Creed and my American Creed but those are the ones that the American Creed can relate to.  




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