In my essay I talk about the deeply rooted lie in American Culture, 'Rags to Riches' and include my personal opinions as well as my own 'American Belief'.

   For many, the American dream has become a nightmare that people chase day after day that never seems to get any farther but never closer. Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, the reality of the American dream is a pit where people compete for success… under the secret slogan May the Luckiest Man win, because how can the American Dream be of success when over 13% of the population is living in poverty and the 1% live in gorgeous wealth. Coming from a family working hard to support themselves and loved ones we despite having some rough patches have come out on the good side earning enough to live a reasonably comfy life.

The American Dream advertised to the world states that success comes with hard work, but this is not the truth. Everyday People are getting up to go to what most have, a boring unwanted job. In some cases, these people worked their butts off to get what? A boring or tedious job that merely pays the months rent. This is the harsh reality of America, that it isn’t all that different from other countries. Pop culture and TV Shows today are still advertising this. Movies that feature people rising into fame in a matter of months or even just days put a false hope in children. Even though Education is supposed to be the great equalizer, by telling a child that they can be what they want and they can be successful is an outright lie because you are telling them that over 25 million Americans don't exist. Because if there are people living in poor unattended neighborhoods where crime rate and unpaid bills are then it isn't true.

The Factors are endless, even people who are doing well in their life, what happens to all that saved up money if you happen to get a disease, divorce, or a lost job? The reality is that no one will help, because people are too involved in their own personal crisis’s to put their valuable hard earned money into someone else, and you are left in the dust in the last place with those who couldn’t make it in time while the others still in the race follow a blinding light that they won't ever reach.

I believe that the true path to success is cooperation. That if we work together as a community. Constantly giving each other advice and support success will be within grasp, and because success is relative the support we get from one another who are living their own lives experiencing things on their own there are bound to be people willing to give their take on something and help someone in need. I believe that this is the way because of the numerous times my community has helped me. By giving me advice and their personal experiences I was able to overcome anything I put hard work in and excel by applying what they told me. Since before America was a country people from all over came to the United States in search of a life of their own. And little by little over the decades, we have improved on that aspect. We’ve raised the standards for living in the united states so even people who are less fortunate are comfortable. But this isn’t what I want to see, I envision America as a place where worrisome people thinking about how they're going to pay the month’s rent don't exist because by then the living standard will have rose ten-fold, because as stated before with the help of a community of people. In that vision, I see community centers whether physical or online exist full of caring people helping others in need through their own knowledge. That is my American Belief.




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