American creed is the freedom to pursue what you would like.

The american dream is you should be able to do whatever you can in america that you want to do and to pursue your dreams no matter what race or gender you are. You should be able to do as you please in america as long as it’s legal. For example, I want to be a electrical and or a computer engineering I should have the equal chance to get the education and job opportunities as anyone else. I shouldn’t need to be afraid of my future at every turn do to skin tone. Stanford, Harvard and the Census Bureau, there is a higher chance that if both a white and a black kid both start off in rich families the white kid has a higher chance of staying rich and or a higher class adult while the black kid has a chance of staying there but have a higher chance of dropping below that level. Black people in general earn less than white people women earn less than men also. Yet, there have been many women and men who have beaten this ideology with the pure passion to pursue their dream and desires. This is the american dream the ability and freedom to do whatever you would like and be able in some cases to beat the odds even when they it's stacked against you. This is the true american dream beating the odds chasing your dreams.

There have been many people who beat the odds like Gac Filipaj who was a janitor at Columbia’s New York campus who spoke little english. He studied for hours at the age of 52 he graduated with honors. Another lady named Nola Ochs who got her masters at the age of 98. People could do spectacular things like this if you feel passionate about things such as education or economics. People can be spectacular when they find a passion to do something amazing. A young boy by the name of Cody mccasland wasn’t supposed to survive a day but has survived to be 8 years old and is following his dreams to become a paralympics champion he’s won many racing and swimming competitions on his way to his dream. This is the american dream the pursuit of a dream and being able to do so without any problem about race or gender. 




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Mrs. McDowell's 1st hour

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