My piece is about how my family history connects to my American creed, and I put my mother and my father's experiences and efforts to be in the United States. Therefore, I explained how their hard work shaped me into the person of who I am today, to work hard in life.

 How does your family and community history connect to your American Creed?

As an American citizen in the United States, there is an idea that all men are created equal, as represented in the pledge of allegiance , “ with liberty and justice for all.” As an American we are hoping to have a better life, a successful future, and freedom considering the United States promises. Many of the values that inspire the American Dream ; liberty , equality, and the pursuit of happiness. It doesn’t matter your sexuality, race , religion, gender, or your past history , everyone is deserved to have the same chances. My family history connects to my American Creed by lessons from home that shaped me to who I am today. “ We call these kids , many of whom are now adults, ‘Dreamers’, because they are chasing the American Dream-a national aspiration for upward economic mobility built on physical mobility fulfilling your dreams often means following them whenever they may lead-even into another country. “

In 1996 , before my mother moved to the United States , she was living in Michoacan, Mexico. She explained it was hard to make a living and get a full education because they weren’t that wealthy. When my mother and her family moved to the United States , she was still attending high school. She excelled in every class , very intelligent, she received good grades, and had a superior relationship with her peers and teachers. She didn’t know english very well and she carried around a Spanish-English dictionary, in order to do her school work. She had hard times because of being Mexican and she had to deal with racism as she got older. She couldn’t afford to go to college, her main purpose to move here was for my siblings and I , to get the education that she couldn’t have. She pushes me to work hard in school , in order to get accepted into a successful college, excel in life , and have a good career. Both of my parents work hard in order to raise my siblings and I. My father started to work right after high school in order to benefit for his family. I saw how proud and excited they got to see my brother graduate high school. I saw how my mother cried with happiness when my brother walked across the stage with his robe and diploma. As the quote identifies their transitions and hard work ,” You could take where your from to where you’re going.” My family’s history and past, no matter what they went through, they did anything possible to fulfill their dreams , no matter where they’re from, in order for the future generation to have freedom and to live the American Dream . 




ASU Preparatory Academy McDowell: 1st hour

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