In my OpEd i explain and express how America gives us endless opportunities to achieve anything. We can become anyone we strive to be, it just all depends on us. We express our American creed everyday, it's apart of all of our lives.

What is your American Creed?

Freedom comes to mind when I think of America. The people fighting for our rights. It’s the land of the free. Freedom is a vague word, there is so many components that go into being free. Freedom is my American Creed. Being yourself is my American creed. Americans are able to be themselves because of our independence and our unlimited opportunities to do and achieve anything.

In “Most Think the American Dream is within reach for them” they state 77% of the people they asked about their American Dream said it was freedom of choice in how to live. They also gathered 43% said its having a successful career and another 43% said it was owning a home. I Found the 43% significant because it connects back to being independent and being free. Having a successful career and owning a home is an opportunity we can achieve, anyone is eligible to achieve it. We can earn any career we want and buy any house because of our freedom. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and decisions.

According to “what does America stand for? We asked teenagers” Some teenagers think America does live up to the American dream. I gathered two significant quotes that some teenagers said. “I am myself and that’s the most American part about me. Being myself unapologetically”, said Ziad. I found this significant because although he’s a different nationality he is still himself. It shows acceptance within our country. Freedom lets you be you and that’s an importance and the main aspect in life, you can be yourself. “America has been living up to our rights through freedom of speech, marching, protesting, and calling senators”, said Cate. We can express our rights and beliefs in many ways. Our freedom of speech is really important we can express ourselves. I feel as if most people take it for granted and don’t realize how important and how much we use it. We show and express it in our everyday life like school and work. Anyone is eligible to get their education despite their races, sex, color, religion, etc. same with work, as long as you strive for that job anyone is capable of getting it. A couple of decades ago most people weren’t allowed to own a house or land but now anyone is capable of it.

Being free to me can be expressed many ways but overall it’s allowing yourself to make decisions, whether you fail or succeed. To me failing is the most human thing to do.

You can Accomplish all the goals you desire. You can Make a difference in the world. Anyone can get their Education. We all have our own Rights. We can be Independent. Everyone is Capable of anything. Thank you for our freedom America




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