My piece talks about the ideals of rags-to-riches and how as a country we might not be able to achieve that because of governmental standards.

       The ideas of an American creed , it is something I haven’t fully looked at before now even though I am first and third generation in my family. The idea of an American dream wasn’t that far away for my family ; ideals that people, if they work hard enough are able to come from a poor state to a state out of poverty and having a better life. During this period of time the United States is divided in more than one way, from political beliefs to cultural differences. My father immigrated to the United States during the 70s when he was 18, the reason was to make a better life for him, his siblings ,and parents. He worked so hard for everything he has and has made a good living being a higher middle class citizen along with all of his siblings. In my families example it was a classic ideal of rags-to-riches. However as the years continue we see a constant problem of people being homeless or in poverty and not able to bring themselves up, especially after the last big economic downturn during the early 2000s. The vision of rags-to- riches might not be just through hard work and determination but through luck as well. With the split in governmental ideals the idea of rags- to - riches will be far from just being determined through hard work and determination.

        Usually the idea of people not working or not being able to find a job is seen as lazy, but we really don’t fully know their story. On most occasions people who are unable to find work or are homeless might not have the support of their family, and due to political stances once you miss a certain amount of time working people tend to have a harder time finding jobs. Our country can not come to a conclusion over what to do socially and economical, a country of freedom, a country of change, and we can’t decide on what would be best for this country. The American belief that we have to work harder to have a better life, yet people do affect what say we have in this country and what is happening in this country.

       Especially with education as it is one the most important foundations for the United States, however the belief of education for the next generation isn’t worth more than those who are in prison. Government expenses spend more on prison education than actual public schools. The amount of money that the government gives to public schooling for generations that will grow and then make the decisions for this country is different per state but is less than the amount that they pay for inmates. That stunts the amount of growth that children are going through, they don’t have the appropriate resources for education. Education is seen as a stepping stone for anyone in the United States to be able to work hard and achieve what they want to in life, however even if people work hard at times it doesn’t amount to anything, they can continually work and work , and yet gets nowhere.

        35% of people have experienced hardships within the previous 12 months in which they were unable or don’t have the ability to save regularly with the income. Being able to come from rags- to- riches does take hard work it also takes luck, my father's family worked hard everyday but they were also extremely lucky that they were able to come over to the United States. With political dividance being more and more around the ideas of being to fix issues with in our society and to make the term rags-to-riches is but a universe away from what we as a community could actually accomplish, as we can’t even come to terms with the ideals of immigration and education.

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