We are all grated the right to be different. In a world full of people, emotions, and ways of living, individualism is what lets us express ourselves​


We are not in this world to live up to expectations. As Ross Douthat said “There will be only one “ism” - Individualism - and its rule will never end.” Individualism provides a place of safety where all of us can be different in every way such as emotions, religion, what we wear, and what we want to be known as. Individualism was expressed during the 19th century when people thought there was a possibility of social change. Since then, people have been fighting to be true to themselves. The new American generation, known as millennials have entered the world, seeing in a new perspective. The generation has become socially liberal on topics that haven’t ever been respectable such as religion, immigration, and same-sex marriage. Ross Douthat also explains that “millennials are liberals on the surface” and grant “their allegiance to… ideology.” This makes millennials have a vibrant objective to being antithetic and creating a revolution to social expectations. The development of self-expression has some flaws such as an increase of divorces, narcotic abuse, and commitment issues.

Individualism makes us who we are today. We all ‘fight’ to be different and try to be perceived as preeminent. Our freedom of choices makes us replaceable by many. People in the world have the option to be better than what they are today, they just have to go out and achieve greater. In order to be irreplaceable, one must be different. Differentiate yourself from others, create a new look for yourself, and no one can take your distinctiveness away. Learn to stick out of a large crowd, so you become noticed and make something of your reputation. Being the most noticeable isn’t always the best unless you have good intentions. The world has developed bifurcated concentration on what they really want in life. Sarah Vowell said “We are flawed creatures, all of us. Some of us think that means we should fix our flaws. But get rid of my flaws and there would be no one left.” This overall is talking about the societies over fabricated idealism of perfection. Express yourself through doing stuff you love, changing the way you look, or even finding a new people to associate with. No one in this world will ever be perfect but always remember to do everything to your full potential, no matter of what other people think.




ASU Preparatory Academy McDowell: 1st hour

Mrs. McDowell's 1st hour

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