Some things that I think America did wrong. We need better. We want better.

American Creed means to me is that you have rights and laws. You are also “equal”, and no one has more power than anyone else in America. Plus, American’s rights are protected.

America has made some mistakes that did start unintended war. America can be better if we had better, smarter presidents, but I know that’s probably not going to happen. They should really think before they say or act on something.

America can also be better by having better health, such as eating healthier. We have so much fast food it’s ridiculously unhealthy. America needs to stop selling tobacco products, too. That’s only one reason we Americans get cancer.

Finally, America needs to update their grammar and spelling. It’s so old!! We also need to change to using the metric system. It would make more sense to change it. The idea of inches, feet, and miles was a bad idea and then in another country you’re stuck trying to do math in your head while trying to drive. That makes no sense at all.





Hazen Middle School Hazen Middle School

Seventh Grade English

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