These four words are words that have a meaning for me about America.

Free All Americans are free. We are allowed to do whatever, whenever. If we weren’t free we wouldn’t get to do things that we wanted to do. We are free because we aren’t trapped in a room, a house, or a town, we are allowed to go where we want. We don’t need permission to leave we can just go.

Flag The American flag symbolizes America. It shows our freedom. It shows that we are American and that we are proud to be an American. The flag reminds me of my grandma, for example my grandma served in the Air Force so she was always in the sky.

Mystery America is a mystery because you never really know what’s happening in America. Every single day there is something new like a new trend. There can be a new type of food, like fried ice, I’ve never even had fried ice cream because it sounds like it would be gross.

Pizza Pizza originally came from Italy but it kind of just became a part of America. It’s really famous in New York because they make new kinds of pizza. Like they put new foods on pizza.




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