What if the freedom of speech is why we still have bullying?

It might be because people have the right to make fun of people for no reason other than they think it’s funny. I have been picked on unfairly for 3 years of my life, Kindergarten through 3rd grade. 

I don’t really like thinking of the past because I can’t change it. Essentially I was shoved around a lot and called names like “giraffe,” I mean really? Giraffe’s aren’t actually tall, they just have long necks, and I do not have a long neck... I think, :).

All we want is to keep freedom of speech. Something we need to take care of is the mean things people say just to push up their own self-esteems by pushing someone else’s lower.

It depends on how parents raise their kids. Bullies could raise bullies, or some people spoil their kids.

Is the solution over the top punishments? No. 

Parents should keep their kids in check, so they aren’t ugly-hearted and mean. We want to keep the freedom of speech, not keep the freedom to say whatever in order to be mean.




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