My summary is about how american offers education to students that come from far and wide.

Amanda Reisinger

Mrs. Wampler

English 12 Block 3

12 April 2018

What drives people to come to America?

I believe that people come from far and wide to America so they can receive a better education from the country they live in. Most of the time people come to america to get away from their family, make new friends, and start new lifestyle.

People want to come to America for better education so they can have a new lifestyle. Most of the time immigrants come to america to receive a higher education. America has a higher quality of education and everyone gets to go, maybe not for free. Scholarships are available for all kinds of things like sports, academics, theater, or music. Students may choose their own majors in college. College admission is competitive, lessening the chance of admission, but it also means that that school is going to prepare you for your future.

Education is important for starting a family because it allows you to be financially stable. After you graduate college most people wants to get married and start a family. Being financially stable in the world we live in today is very important because you can’t buy a car, house, or go on vacation without being financially stable. While in highschool you need to try your hardest to get the best education that you deserve. Without a highschool diploma you can’t get accepted in college. Most colleges requires the best act scores, and the best gpa score.

In the world we in live in today people travel far and wide to receive the highest education they deserve. Most people that come to america to receive the best education are immigrants. One of the reasons immigrants come to america for education is the country they live in doesn’t provide good schooling or their very poor and can’t afford all the minerals they need for college.




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