Everyone has often wondered what "The American Dream" really is; this poem is just a short version of my American Dream.

American Dream

By: Kennedi Orr

This American Dream

With vertical red and white stripes

And fifty stars representing fifty states.

This American Dream

With the President leading our country

To the Soldiers fighting each day for our lives.

This American Dream

Is Lakes and Rivers flowing East to West

Fishers living a dream, yet still feeding others.

This American Dream

Is having freedom to pursue the career one wants,

leading to live entertainment.

This American Dream

Is having the freedom to worship Who you want,

When you want, and How you want.

This American Dream

Is leaders showing others how to lead freely,

How to get an education for free, choosing to study as you please.

This American Dream is as you make it,

This American Dream is Freedom.




Thomas Walker High School Wampler's English Students

Various English students from Virginia

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