This Article is about the American Creed and our problems in America.

The problem in America is that our democracy is being abused. Our mutual respect for one another is gone. Joan Blades, the cofounder of gave a TED talk where she spoke about the media. Blades describes the media as being the divider in our community. She said that “the media only lets us see what we want to see.” This becomes a world issue because we become more extreme in our beliefs, causing chaos and miscommunication between the two sides. This is what causes others to lose respect for our nation. People in the 21st century believe they are right because social media has separated us. They hold on to whatever they believe in regardless of whether it makes sense or has great purpose. Everyone has beliefs and strong opinions. This is what I consider to be wrong with the nation. As far as we are apart, we should work towards respect and trust.

Americans should learn to respect other people’s views about politics. We don't need to have the same views, but we do need mutual respect. In political parties, we are so black and white. It’s either what the party wants or there is no compromise. Many people believe that the immigrants are just the worst thing, that immigrants are taking our jobs and paying no taxes. People also believe that immigrants come over here for the welfare. Condoleezza Rice is an American political scientist and diplomat. She served as the 66th Secretary of State in the United States government. Rice says that “people don't come over here for the welfare. If they wanted to do that they would probably go somewhere else.” Rice also makes the point that the immigrants genuinely believe that coming to America and working hard will pay off in the end. Immigrants believe in the American Dream of becoming rich and successful.

Respect and trust is what builds relationships. This is the first step to getting something done in America. Joe Maddon, the Chicago Cubs general manager, grew up in a town that had an economic boom and his father worked hard for his family. Maddon’s dad was a plumber and so was his whole family. Maddon grew up doing what he wanted to do, which is baseball. Maddon has came up with many good solutions to create mutual respect. In the PBS documentary American Creed, Maddon says that “by creating baseball teams for the kids will get the parents together. This is when the parents have a common interest, Their kids. They all have to come to the games and sooner or later they all will start talking to each other.” Regardless of background or race, as long as they have respect for one another, it becomes easier to get things done. Blades talks about this common ground too and the interests that each party share with each other. And without respect and trust, her organization would not work. We all grow up with different backgrounds. Demographics play into how we see the world and how the world sees us. It is difficult to compromise with someone with a completely different background. This is why it is important to respect and trust people. If we compromise, then we could fix a lot of problems in America. 




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