My piece is about the perspectives that make America what it is today.

Nate Goddard

American Creed

America isn’t as unified as it once was. Today people of different races and beliefs are separated from those who have different views. I think that the best thing that we as a country can do is to work together and accept each other.

America was once centered around family and working together, now today America is divided. Condoleeza Rice, an American diplomat, said in the PBS documentary American Creed that “Part of what makes America exciting is that you are going to encounter people unlike yourself; ethnically, economically, politically; this extraordinary coming together of people from everywhere, every circumstance, every religion.” People of all races and religions should be able to work together with people that are different from them. This would benefit everybody because it will allow people to work in a diversified environment. and that would hopefully someday end racism.

According to a survey conducted by the Washington Post in 2016, “3 in 10 Americans say that the nation’s division today is better today than it has been while the rest of the 7 think that it’s worse than what it was during the Vietnam War.” One of the biggest problems our country is facing today is the lack of trust and respect for each other. If Americans could get past their differences, then we would accomplish a lot more and be able to solve more problems. Some of these problems are getting past the racial divide that we are in or the divide over gun violence.

Americans should pay attention to the perspectives that were shown in the American Creed film because they show the different sides of America that some people may not see. They show what it takes to be successful and live the American Dream. 




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