This is a poem about the actions I can take to express my American Creed

I can speak,

though my voice may fall on deaf ears,

so I will yell to all those who will listen and to those who won’t

I can fight,

though this is a metaphorical fight between me and those who disapprove of what I believe in,

so I will cleverly craft words and reasons why everyone should have equal rights,

as words are mightier than any weapon that you can throw, as they will last

I can protect,

though I may seem weak, there is a lion in my heart, and I will do my all until everyone has the justice they deserve as humans on this earth

I can protest,

as it is my right that can’t be taken away.

And I will stand for all, no matter who they are,

as everyone in this land of the free deserve equal justice

And I will listen,

as my voice may not be the one that needs to be heard at the moment

And I will never repeat the same mistakes as those in the past have.




Avondale High School Avondale High School

Avondale High School is in Oakland County, in Southeast Michigan.

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