My story is about how America is not really what it is sought out to be. America is showed as this free, equal place. My essay is here to show my side of the real story .

           Home is something that should make you feel warm inside and loved. My home is filled with all types of personalities. That is why my house is so special and unique to me. With those personalities my house just gels together so smoothly. When I think of home I think of the time me and my family went to Cedar Point. That day we shared so many laughs together. My big sister even cried because she was scared of the dragster. That day we all had a good day, being ourselves, and loving one another. Only if America could truly make someone feel like they’re at home , American creed can be obtainable.

            I’m very lucky to be born with freedom and rights to my name.My family is from the south , Georgia to be exact. Yeah back when slavery was abolished that is when they made the move to the north. They came north looking for a new start. New jobs, better lifestyle, you name it that’s why they made the move. They were willing to obtain American creed even though the odds are stacked against them. They wanted to be equal no matter the cost and trials they must go through.

             The current American image is a false image. America is sought out to be this equal, free, place that anyone can be apart of. When indeed that is totally wrong. You can get arrested, shot, harassed because of your skin color or the language you speak. But it is those who fight for their true freedom and equality that are chasing the perfect America. Many people fight for the next generation so they won’t have to go through this lie . Those people that continue to push and fight through this false image are the ones who truly understand American creed.

           American equality is still reachable very much. But it takes a whole nation to achieve something of this magnitude. When Black people were getting gunned down in the street more than the African American community needed to stand up . We needed everyone to stand up but that just shows how America truly is . If America was like my home with the love that is poured out America would be on top . With all these countries and new immigrants we all must love each other and work together to achieve American creed. 




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