"Caring for others will lead to future success", this Creed if taken into consideration will cause our Country to have a bright future.

What is Your American Creed?

“Caring for others will lead to future success”

This Creed is something that I not only believe, but also live by. It is the idea that your actions of caring for others above yourself will eventually lead to success for yourself in some way. This success can look very different depending on the situation, however if you keep this motto in mind for long enough this success will come.

Fall of Junior year of highschool I was a relatively weak and skinny kid compared to my peers on the football field. I constantly was reminded of this fact by myself as I compared the lifting statistics and general bodies to those around me. I was also reminded of those by coaches with the words “If only he were a little bigger, you might be a real player” seeming to become their new favorite phrase when talking about me. However, compared to many others on that team I cared for others over myself to a greater extent than anyone else. This meant offering to carry something for others, or giving them a ride to or from practice, or sometimes just talking. This was just part of my personality and I didn’t plan to achieve anything from it. However, it was these actions that led me to winning the offensive rookie of the year proving the idea that caring for others will lead to future success.

After senior graduation, I saw to it that the seniors who had made a large impact on my life were recognized. I did this by sending them a message describing why their friendship and leadership has meant so much to me in the past years. These messages followed my Creed, however I did not expect to receive anything in return. But, the messages they sent back were the success that came out of the situation.

Another example of evidence that shows that my Creed is true in my life comes from a sleepover at a friend's house. During this night we are having fun, being the dumb highschoolers we are and before we know it, the clock is at about 4am. At this point we had watched a movie, played just dance, card, a game of pool, and now we were tired. So tired in fact that people started falling asleep in the middle of a conversation on the couches and floor. I however put myself in charge of helping the people around me, so as everyone fell asleep I found a blanket to put around them. Every person that fell asleep was going to have a blanket around them that showed that I really cared. This caring for others led to a future success because the next time we were all together many of them thanked me for my kindness, this strengthened my bond with these friends which to me is always a success.

My fourth and final example of when this Creed took place in my life was when I was volunteering for a special needs soccer program. During this time I became friends with many of the players. In doing so I believed I demonstrated caring qualities that included patience, optimism, and encouragement. These caring qualities are what I am most proud of while working in this program. The most meaningful award I got from doing these actions was a chocolate coin from one of the players. This meant that my Creed was true in that Caring for others will lead to benefits and success in the future.

The idea that caring for others will lead to your own future success and accomplishments needs to be taken into consideration for all Americans. I believe that this motto incorporates the American spirit and is the reason that our country has been able to accomplish what it has. In my examples I may have received someone's gratitude or an award, but in America’s history legislation has been passed that has come from one person caring about others. This motto has built America to what it is today, and will be the reason for a bright future in our Country.




Bay High School 4th Block

4th Block AP Gov

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