Is America really "America"? The land of the "free". I wrote an essay on how people think how America is so great when its not very perfect here either. We have our pros and cons but we are not the glory perfect land that people think we are.

                      “Amazing” America

America is suppose to be the home of the free but, are we really free? My experience as a todler up until my teenage years living in america full of people whom 50% are happy to be here on the planet living their best life, while the other 50% are living in a dark world full of guns and not knowing how to value the human life. We live in a land knowing that it’s free but don't know how to value such a power instead mistreat it like caved coons.

America is a land where people come together no matter race or religion and live as one. Many people don’t have a problem with that because, that is what we are suppose to be doing. We are not doing that at all. The world is corrupted. There are many people who feel like they have every right to do whatever they want to do. Many people are prodigious. Too many believe that they are back in the racism days. There are people such as terrorist and some immigrants who don't even have self respect. For example look what has happened in Libya, smugglers are auctioning migrants off as slaves. For each past year for three years there has been a total of of 150,000 migrants and refugees trying to escape and go to Europe to get away from the horrible matter that is happening there. More than 3,000 have drowned trying to get there across the Mediterranean Sea. Currently there is estimated that there are 400,000 to 1 million migrants trapped in Libya. It does not stop there. Let's talk about the lives that we have now. All the police that are not doing their job properly. How many videos you see going down our social media apps daily. How they don't care about nothing anymore. They use to only do it to the blacks but not they are just doing it to everybody and nobody is doing nothing about it, nor trying to attempt to. It's sad they think your guilty just from being black and walking down the street. I currently have a brother that is in jail for a crime that he didn't do. Just because he was in the area and is black with tattoos and the sad part is the person we did it didn't even have tattoos and if he did not in the same spot as my brother. It is all on footage, and they don't even bother to look at it. Just because they are high authority they feel as is they have the power to do whatever they want to. They basically are committing a crime also. It hurts when you know you're right and nobody believes you. To have something that is so close to you ripped away. I don’t mean to make this a personal story but that is how it is here in America. You have your rights but, others allow themselves to get cocky and think that they can do whatever that want and not have no sympathy for others.

Living here involves change. It takes the wise to make the change. We all are wise enough to realize that we are one. People often ask, What does being American mean to you? To me it means being free. Being open with each other no matter the race, no matter the religion, no matter the skin color, no matter the looks. Getting to know each other, and not judging a book by its cover. Living where we can put the guns aside and talk things out. Living knowing that we can live without being scared if we are going to die today or tomorrow because of society. Where crimes are stopped and we all can be civilized. Where we own up to our mistakes. A place where we all have equal power. A place where we can have the right minds to make something of ourselves. Living knowing that we all can stand up for a change. We can make something of ourselves instead of giving up. Living knowing that we can help each other when times get hard and not look for nothing in return. Living knowing that you are somebody important. Everybody was put on earth for a reason. Don't just be a waste of an amazing creation. Living in America is an privilege and an opportunity. You weren't forced to live here and if you were try to help and make the change. You must love your country, become one with it. Being together with the people around you.Understanding the roles of people together so we can better not the country but ourselves too. Understanding the role as an American yourself! That is what being american means to me.

Living in America comes with pros and cons. It’s where we try to learn to value others but then again we live where people show that there is nothing to be valued. Some people actions show that we are not worthy of the right that we have today. We can indeed change America. The last four letters of “American” is “ I-can”. But hey, what can i say. Welcome to America. 




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