Growing up as a African-Amrican in America comes with several challeges. How we have to deal with the court system and enforcement with the police. How different cultures come to America to live a better life and have to deal with the world not accepting them and their religion.

  When you hear the word American what do you think about? Do you think of being equal, do you think of being free, what about endless opportunities and having safety.. The law says we are equal we are together as one. As the pledge states “One Nation under God in Liberty and Justice for all”. But does that really mean anything? Are we really equal like they claim we are. Growing up as a African-American in America is a major challenge. Our race shouldn't define or mold our character. My skin color shouldn't be a major threat but obviously it is. For some of us being black in America is not fair.

  Being black in America means fighting with law enforcement, unfair justice in the court system and some unfair job opportunities. America allows the law enforcement to beat and kill our people. America allows the court system to sentence our people to life in prison, death penalties, and serves unfair justice. How can we be free if we can’t be heard? How can America say we are equal when only one race is the target? How can America allow the police to kill and beat on us and continue to wear the uniform?

   African Americans are not just the main target in America, other minorities go through the same thing in America. They come to America to live a better life and to become safe that they once did not have in their country. Once upon a time ago, America was a country that you could have felt safe and free. As years pass having someone to represent our country that people claim is a good image change a lot in America. A lot of homes and family bonds has been broken because of how America is not accepting their race and religion.

   In a conclusion I feel that everyone in America should have the rights to practice freedom of speech, freedom of religion without of being judge. All race should have the right and shouldn't be forced to shield because of the color of their skin and the religion they practice. We all should be able to express our race color ethnicity without retaliation. What do you feel that can make America better? What would make you feel safe again in America that everyone can come and have a better life?




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