In this essay you will experience what it feels like to truly know America. People constantly want to tell others about how great America is by just reading in a book. America faces problems that are unforgiving and we must be aware of these problems.

What is the overall American Creed of people in general that come to America? Immigrants that come to America often say or think that America is the land of opportunity, where all problems have been resolved. That America is a place where anyone can make something out of their lives and become successful in life. Some people may even call this country “The greatest country in the world.” To those people who think like this, I would like to spread a little insight on this country that we like to call home.

As being a fellow American, I have seen and heard a lot in this country. America, to me, isn’t as good as it could be. America has always used diversity and difference as a way to have others feel bad about the skin that they wear, even though we all bleed the same blood. For example, white police officers kill young black men all the time and show no remorse or a sign of regret. As a result of doing this the families of these young men are severely damaged and they often wonder if this massacre can be stopped. Don’t get me wrong! I think that America is a great country because of the way that this country has advanced over the years. Also I live in this country so this is my home, but to say that this country is the greatest in the world is just not all the way accurate. The problems that this country has faced and are still facing is very disappointing.

I live in a country that feels like money and politics are more important than education. For years, certain officials that run this country have focused their attention on being in good wealth instead of worrying about the generation that has to uphold this country when the old generation dies. Education is the great equalizer in America and I applaud the educators that teach us more and more everyday. Why is education overlooked so much in this country? Education is overlooked in this country because of the constant growing of businesses and the amount of money that is produced by these businesses, per year. I think that if America focused a lot more on Education there would be a lot more individuals in America with better thinking skills.

America has been constantly known for its racism towards people. Now sure, America’s racism isn’t as bad than it was in the past, but it’s still racism whether you agree or not. You can’t change a person’s opinion on something if it’s planted in their brain, but do citizens that all have the same goal need to be criticized. It’s not fair that minorities constantly have to deal with racism. In America, racism comes in all shapes and sizes. For Example, in Detroit there are garbage dumps in this city that affect the air that we all breathe. Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne County send their trash to Detroit because it’s cheaper. Detroit is a city with its own problems and this doesn’t help at all. People use racism to show their power in America, but we are all the same on the inside and if others would change their views on racism, we could really make the steps necessary in order to be great.

The craziest thing that this country has went through most recently is violence. In America there has been an extreme form of violence in the past year or two. Gun violence has been shown with the shooting of schools, churches, and concerts. In America violence seems to be coming fast and packed with a heavy punch. Even though people have protested and started their own movement to stop the violence, it still hasn’t worked. We need more effort in this country as well to make it a safe place for everyone who deserves to live here. Too many people are lazy and just standing around as violence happens in our country.

In conclusion, America has become more advanced but even worse in its behavior. We all must stick and work together to make this country as great as it can be and so we can be able to live safely. I know that I’m not the only one that wants this for America and if so more people have to get involved. America isn’t the greatest country in the world because of these major problems, but it could be if we stop these problems and stand up for ourselves.




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