The American Dream is not a reality or everyone. The incarceration rates in America and jail programs are a big reason why.

The American Dream is not reality for everyone

The United States is supposed to be a great country that provides the most jobs and opportunities for anyone willing to live how they please. Immigrants come into this country to make a better life for themselves. Everyone says that America is the greatest country, but fail to see the many flaws that exist that prevents the country from evolving further on into a much greater country. The U.S. does a good job at isolating those who think aren’t apart of society and completely ruins their American dream. We have the highest incarceration rate in the entire world, housing to about 22 percent of the world's prisoners.

We also only take up 4.4 percents of the world's population, one of the smallest. Why on earth do we have the highest incarceration rates? Our government has one of the strangest systems on earth. Speaking for the poor, it’s hard to make a living in this world. They can’t afford the schooling they need for a good job and tend to result to crimes to come up with money to provide for their families. They are left with no other option or opportunity to make money and the government doesn’t see this and automatically reverts to jail time which makes it even more difficult to make a living being poor.

This system doesn’t seem to help the people that’s gone through it. When they get out of jail, what are they to do? The only thing they can do is go back to their criminal ways to make a living. The United States needs a better program to actually help people in prison come out a changed person. Incarceration is taking ideas that could be used toward making a change.

We’d never know; The U.S could be locking up the next doctor, war hero, or even president. The majority of people incarcerated are very bright people who just need to make a living and shouldn’t be kept under the same bus as the people who actually deserve to be in jail. In order it make a better country, we shouldn’t take one glance at the bad and automatically think of isolation. The u.s. would rather lock someone up then unlock their potential and ideas that they may hold. There should be a redemption route that will give people who made bad decisions a better opportunity to learn and level up from it, or just a more lenient government. This process is ridding our world of bright people and needs it’s defective ways patched. This is the only way to come together as a country and as humans to evolve and make the world a better place.

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