Is education the key to the American dream? I write about why I value education and how it became important to me.

Growing up my family didn’t travel. We stayed in Michigan and on occasion visited surrounding states. In contrast, my friends went all over the world and country. During summer break they would go to Florida or California. In fifth grade my best friend went to Greece. I was so jealous that at a young age I would research other states and countries and decide which ones I would visit once I saved up enough money.

In sixth grade my friend who was also my neighbor, moved to China. And in tenth grade she invited me to visit her. It was my first time on a plane and it was thirteen hours long. I visited four cities- Beijing, Chongqing, Shanghai, Hong Kong- in China. I also went to school with my friend for a week. The differences were immense. My friend goes to an IB school in China. She doesn’t get to choose her classes and she takes each class for two years. The school was planning a production with amazing decorations and dances. It was a school full of life and endless fun.

American creed is a statement of the defining element of american identity. To me American creed means freedom to exist in a country with endless opportunities. My parents have always told my sisters and I that school is important. I grew up with the mindset that getting an education is the key to success thus making school a priority. When I hear about about girls in Africa, Asia, and Latin America who can’t get an education, it really upsets me. How can something that I see as necessary not be available in other places? Because of this I view education as something not to be taken advantage of and as a privilege here in America. My American creed is education.

In America you have the right to get an education no matter your race, religion, or gender. I am grateful that I, as a girl can go to high school and have the opportunity to study my interests. When I grow up I want to be a successful engineer. There are not many female engineers but I am hoping I can change that.




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