What Have We Become?

A poem questioning the state of our nation.

The United States of America

It is the beacon of opportunity

But I feel it is falling under bigotry and tyranny

I ask myself every day:

What Have We Become?

But I can't help but mentally shut down and run

Because to ask myself this question confronts American history

Which to people like me, has caused generation of misery

I love my nation

I love it to pieces

But it treats some of its people like they are common cretans

I wonder how we can change

I know it's possible

The real question; is how?

How when we're at the point where hearing about violence is just the norm

How when people of differing opinions can't have a civilized conversation


I. Don’t. Know.

What I do know is

If we changed before

Into what we are now

We can change once more

To become a more beautiful country than ever before.

Oak Park High School - Oakland Writing Project

Haun - 4th Hour

Honors Class

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