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Why My Mother is Working Toward the American Creed

Mental abuse, kids , bright future. Those are all the things my mother put into play while living in a high stress, home with her ex-husband (my father)... My mother is now a successful woman in a new job, 3 kids, new house, new hobbies.

She was in a marriage that wasn’t even one-sided it was no-sided. It was not destined to be and my mom didn’t want her kids to grow up to be in a relationship like that, from bailing my Father out, to not being happy. This marriage was a struggle for my mom. It was a hard thing to see your role model upset, beat down and tired all the time.

She has grown as person since 2014, shes become happier, with new perspectives on things and not taking things for granted.

Her opportunities have grown, she knows what she wants from life and what life wants from her.

This has shown me and my sisters how growth and taking advantage of the right opportunity and really benefit you and show you how you can’t sit back and let bad things happen to you.

I didn't think i could write about anything that would relate to an american creed, i never had one i didnt even know a good example, I was just going to write about how my grandparents were immigrants, then I realized I had an american creed right in front of me that I didn't even see as an american creed, I saw it more as bravery and power to be whoever you wanted to be I never thought that.

Things like an american creed don't come easy, it's not as easy as the movie makes it seem. This wasn't handed to her, or born into it.




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