Why and how self acceptance is important.

I believe self acceptance is important.

Self acceptance has many stages to it. One thing is it makes you feel better about yourself. When you feel better about yourself your self esteem goes up. It’s a good thing because you will smile and be happy more. When you are happy and smiling more it is scientifically proven that it reduces stress. Another thing is it makes you happier and worry less. This is important because when you worry less stress goes down and you become calm and collective. The last thing is it helps you realize that what other people say about you doesn’t matter. This is important because you become more confident in yourself.

Self acceptance makes you feel better about yourself.

When I started to accept who I was as a person and accepted how I looked I started to feel better about who I am. During the end of middle school and the beginning of high school I always was bullied about how big my thighs are and how short I am. I also got told that my personality was weird and I would try and change it when I was around people to try and fit in with them to make them like me. I met Jayne who was just like me. She is my best friend I can be my crazy self around her. I don’t need to change when I am around her. Jayne and I became friends in the beginning of 8th grade just by sitting next to each other the first day of school. Jayne and I would always talk and when we hung out we would do amazing thing that no one else would do. This is when I realized that I shouldn’t have to change because of what a couple people thought about me. I decided that those people were toxic to my life and I am no longer friends with them. I can now be myself without any of my “friends” judging me. They made me feel terrible about myself and now that I have accepted who I am I feel great about me. What made me change was when I looked at myself I didn’t see what other people did. When I reflected on who I was as a person I was upset. I left those people that was the best and easiest thing I have ever done for myself.

Self acceptance helps you become happier and worry less.

I read an article online about a girl who became very sick and pushed herself everyday to make others happy and she became stressed and tired. At the age of 14 she was diagnosed with cancer. As she went on everyday she became more and more stressed and tired. One day she woke up and got the wake up call she needed to see that what she was doing was too much for her body to handle. When she was 17 she developed a chronic and relentless case of insomnia. At the age of 21 she finally realized her life was falling apart right before her eyes. She was always seeking the acceptance from others instead of the acceptance from herself. All of this her cancer, her insomnia, her seeking for acceptance from others, it has all lead to a deep down depression state. So after some time she decided it was time to focus on herself. She started to think about what she would like to do in her life and what she likes to do best. After spending some time on herself she became more confident in who she was. She finally decided to take some risks in her life. As she began to focus on herself she has been happy less stressed and stopped worrying as much as she used to.

Self acceptance will help you stop caring about what people think about you.

In the book To Kill A MockingBird when Scout hear’s Atticus getting called a n-lover she was confused by what it meant she thought it was something bad. So she went up to Atticus about what it meant. He just said it was one of those words that don’t really have a meaning behind it just something that ignorant trashy people say. When she finally heard what it meant she didn’t care so much about what it meant and she went on with her day carefree. When she first heard about it she cared about it and wasn’t very happy about it but as she learned about it she could care less if she was called it or her family was called it. Same with Atticus he could care less about it. They have learned to accept it and accept themself for who they were.

Start to learn how to accept yourself take time to focus on you. Stop worrying about others opinions take a look in the mirror take a look at every single flaw you have and embrace all of them personality wise and physically. Take time to focus on what you love to do. If you see someone having trouble accepting themselves help them out and tell them all about how you think they should stop caring about what other people think. Focus on yourself more than others for a moment. Take time to help yourself first. Surround yourself with people that love you for you and with people that you don’t have to change yourself to be accepted by them. Your positive attitude and theirs would make a life changing experience for YOU. 




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Angela Lundy's ELA 9 classes 2017-18.

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