For a project, I interviewed Maia Hales about her life, what she pictures for her future, and some words of wisdom. Maia talked a lot about her family, what she wants to do after high school, and how she would like to be remembered.

“My full name is Maia Shea Hale… After highschool I plan to go to a 4-year college, and play soccer there. Hopefully at a Division 2 or 3 and I want to study like biology. I’m not sure if I wanna be a marine biologist or like a doctor or something, but I think biology would make it so like I could go into either… I want to help people and the environment… and with biology I could do either of those, but I don’t want a job with just making money and not helping the environment or helping people out, cause helping helping people is very important to me I like to make sure people are okay… I tend to put people before myself… A lot of people think I am really intimidating when they look at me first… I have been told multiple times that I’m super intimidating… if you get to know me I’m very sarcastic and like to joke around with people, and have a good time… I’ve been told I’m a really good listener and that I’m really good with like helping people out… One of my proudest moments was I made the state soccer team for the northern part of California and so I found out last year that I made that… I got to go to actually the regionals, which is where like national scouts there for soccer to make the regional team you travel around the world to play… I didn’t make the regional team but it was fun to go and for the experience.They’ve(my parents) always supported me with sports and stuff… growing up wasn’t get what you want they would teach me lessons like, you have to work for this or if you want to do this, I’ll buy you this if you do this it was nice to have that balance than, oh I’m gonna buy you this, whatever you want. An important lesson is that… you don’t always get what you want, you have to work for things… that work that you put in will eventually pay off in the end and you will get a reward out of it. I want to remembered as… someone who helped people out… a good friend, family member… I don’t want to be famous or anything, but just the people that I know I want them to remember me as a good person not someone they hated, someone they look up to… they miss me obviously I don’t want them to be like, oh God I’m glad she’s gone.”
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