For our humans of sophomore English assignment i interviewed Ava Jones.

Something people don’t know about me is the struggles that I’ve had as a kid because I haven’t always gotten along with my parents and I’ve had bad anxiety and stuff but I come to school and I'm always happy.

My mom has had the biggest impact on my life because we haven’t always had a lot of money and even when we haven’t, she’s still gone to work and worked 12 hour shifts just to get me something as a kid even if it was as simple as a toy just to make sure that I was happy and she showed that dedication to me and to the family life that she wants.

My goals are to step out of my shell a little more because I found a club that I really want which is FFA and I became a officer in that and I’m going to be doing more things with other people and a lot more responsibilities.

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Eureka High School Soph Honors, 1st Period

Sophomore Honors English

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