For my peer interview, my focus was Kairi. Our converstion focuse on how others' perceptions could influence your sense of self. But her take was different, it didn't challenge what she understood about herself. It´s admirable to those struggling.

“I think people assume I’m stupid. ‘Cause of the way I act, like a Californian. With my speech, and just how I sit and how I stand. People assume I’m not as smart. Even though I’m in multiple advanced classes. I sometimes act dumb around my friends, once I’m home I’m more mature. Because that’s just what’s been expected of me, I definitely play into it. It’s a side personality I can turn off.

Because of the whole thing of my speech being “stupid”, people also like being stupid with me. - They think of me kinda as a safe zone. Sometimes it’s good sometimes it's bad. People can get too comfortable.”




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