For my Sophmore Honors English class, we were assigned with taking a picture and showing how it represents democracy to us, as well as what we think Democracy is. I chose a picture of the Eureka FFA Officer Team.

My image above is of our Eureka FFA Officer team. We are all dressed in official dress and every member of our team is there too. I chose this picture because it shows all of us, with different backgrounds, coming together and becoming leaders to help those around us. We all are there to help vote for our changes in our organization and make sure that we hear the voices of our FFA Chapter's members. It is important to us as officers to work hard and dedicate our time to our jobs. We are all different with different stories but we are all coming together to make a greater place for our members.

Democracy to me means that you get to choose what you want your own outcome to be. In democracy you have the right to vote for what you want which means that if you want one thing you would vote towards that. This is an important part of our way of life because it is a way of keeping everyone's values to heart and it allows for the ability to become who you want and live the life that you would enjoy. This allows for the possibility that everyone remains happy and stable throughout their lives, and allows for the possibility of less backlash from the community onto the government and their rules. Through a lot of different views of each person we could all have different opinions and point of views but a democracy helps become who we want and even see that there may be others who think the same way that we do.

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