Democracy is a form of justice that allows a country's citizens to stand up for their rights and voice their beliefs. However, certain rivalries and adamant viewpoints within the government's parties may be weakening the effectiveness of the system.

Democracy is a specific type of government that allows the inhabitants of a country to have a say in political affairs and who their president will be. This helps to prevent tyrannical leaders from coming into power and stripping individuals of their rights. Democracy has been essential for allowing citizens to maintain their rights and express their opinions. However, I feel that democracy has become somewhat corrupted by the vicious rivalry between the Republicans and the Democrats. To me, it kind of feels like we value our specific party more than our actual country now. Political leaders will often prioritize their own party’s success over the well-being of the country, as long as it means that it will help them get more votes from their followers.

Though efficient in most ways, democracy has a few loopholes that can allow irresponsible leaders to come into power. Even though a country’s citizens ultimately vote and decide on who to support, it doesn’t mean that they can’t still be manipulated by the candidates with false information or other tactics. Today, we don’t really see any compromise between Republicans and Democrats. There never seems to be a middle ground that the two parties can agree on for the sake of the country. Instead, all political affairs and choices seem to always be on the far left or right, refusing to allow for a mix of both views. However, despite their differences, both parties are essential for democracy, because they provide different viewpoints and beliefs that can help to compensate for struggles within their country in their own unique ways. A healthy balance of both Democratic and Republican leaders that are willing to put their country over their party’s pride will allow for a more prepared and adaptive government and society. Even with some of its flaws, democracy is still essential for freedom, and it serves as the savior of citizens’ rights and voices. The flag above and its flowing colors of both red and blue could be seen as a symbol of Democrats and Republicans working in different ways, but for the same purpose; the well-being of the country.

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