For our democracy project, I talk about what democracy means to me and the connection between education and democracy and how it has affected me.

Democracy is a government ruled by the people. To be represented you need to be informed about the decisions you'll be making. Education is here to teach everyone how to be a part of a democracy and do your part in making sure you're represented. It's here to teach us how to express ourselves and thoughts. If education wasn't here we wouldn´t know how to voice our opinions and we would be making uneducated decisions for our country. 

This photo is of my favorite bookshelf in my house. It has a wide range of literature that my dad has had since I was born. I was raised with these books and have always been a fan of history like my dad. These books have let me have access to works of people speaking their mind and expressing their thoughts or the thoughts of others with the freedom to do so. In return i´ve grown up to speak my mind on topics that involve me and affect me in an informed way. 

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